Sunday 13 th May 2018
Treviso : Cison di Valmarino - Follina
Verona : San Pietro in Cariano
Bolzano : lago di Caldaro – Kaltern lake

Millions of people all around the world are daily exposed to the risks caused by massive usage of
pesticides and weed killers in agriculture.
They were originally meant to eliminate parasites from the crops but they have a very serious
impact not only on human health but also on the environment. According to the World Health
Organization, pesticides cause every year 200 thousand deaths on a global scale and according to
the European Authority for Food Safety ( EFSA) about 45% of the food we eat contains traces of
These synthetic chemicals may be the cause of various forms of cancer and can alter the
endocrine and immune systems with the consequent increase in the related pathologies. People
who live and work in areas where intensive and chemical farming is practiced, which is typical of
monocultures, are the most exposed; especially at risk are pregnant women and children.
In the long run, pesticides damage agriculture itself by weakening plants, compromising the
composition of the soil and the quality of the crops and by destroying biodiversity of Plants and
They also cause soil, air and groundwater pollution and compromise the survival of many species,
especially bees, other pollinator insects, earthworms and birds. Moreover, intensive chemically
based monocultures gradually cause the depletion of the precious cultural resource of the
As an alternative to this model of agriculture we support agricultural experiences such as organic
agriculture, organic districts and short chains, that have proved to act in the respect of human
health and of the environment, producing healthy food and fair jobs. These agricultural models
have also increased the value of local products and have protected the wellness of the citizens.
We urge the European Commission to reconsider and revise the renewal of the authorisation for
glyphosate for the next 5 years, to reform the pesticide approval procedure and to set compulsory
reduction targets at EU level regarding the use of pesticides.
We ask to the Central Government, Regions and Municipalities
- to apply the precautionary principle by prohibiting the use of pesticides, as synthesis
molecules, by activating appropriate controls and sanctions, definitely banning the

chemicals that can be used according to the pesticide derogation procedure and setting
reduction targets for other chemicals.
- To strengthen all the control methods to safeguard the territory and prevent landslides as
well as possible abusive landfills.
- To take away the economic incentives given to intensive agriculture and monocultures.
- To support organic farming and the establishment of organic districts in the respect of
biodiversity and local crops.

We appeal to all citizens, associations, movements, committees and groups, to march united in
defence of our Land and Public Health.

It’s high time for all the people who couldn’t give voice to their thoughts

to stand up and to speak up.

Join us on Sunday 13th May 2018 and March to Stop pesticides!

Departure time: 10,00 am

Departure place: traffic roundabout in Cison di Valmarino (TV)

Info :

To join us send an email to : Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Contact ph nbr : 3481587879